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Facebook Bars Two Well-Known White Nationalist Groups

Facebook has barred Affirmative Right and Red Ice TV, two white nationalist well-known groups, from its social media service. As reported by the media, the prohibition follows after the media underlined Facebook’s opposition to take action in opposition to them, in spite of the fact that it claimed 8 Months back it might no longer tolerate content from white nationalist.

Affirmative Right and Red Ice TV are amongst the most noticeable far-right groups on the web. The latter has interviewed some of the most notorious public figures in the movement, comprising Andrew Anglin (the Daily Stormer publisher). The ban by Facebook of the group includes the pages of hosts Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, apart from Radio3Fourteen, their web radio show. Affirmative Right, in the meantime, had connections to Richard Spencer. A spokesperson at Facebook claimed to the media that the firm had claimed both the groups breach its policy in opposition to “organized hate.”

On the other hand, VDare, one of the other groups detected by the media report, still has an operational Facebook page. The White House senior advisor, Stephen Miller, emailed articles of VDare to Katie McHugh (ex-Breitbart writer) while operating in 2016 for the Trump campaign.

Ever more, it seems that Facebook will only take action in opposition to white nationalist groups if it is shamed into performing so. The mockery of the circumstance is that at least a few at Facebook are completely aware of how awful the optics of the firm’s lack of action seems. On the same day that the firm declared its prohibition on white nationalism, a group of leaked mails underlined the firm’s fight to deal with hate speech. In one of the mails, an executive at Facebook claimed, “It will be simple for the media to say we are being ineffectual or inconsistent.”

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