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Explosion takes place in Paducah at Dippin Dots

One person is in the hospital still on Saturday night post an explosion which took place in Paducah at Dippin’ Dots.

The Public Relations Director of Dippin’ Dot’s BilliStuber has said that the explosion had injured a total of four people. There are three others who have been allowed to go from the hospital.

Bili said that there was a fire which began at around 8:35 pm inside the production area of the facility on Friday night.

The firefighters remained at the area for many hours. Stuber said that they went directly to their protocol for disaster relief.

The director of public relations had said that the authorities were called the explosion on Friday night which had shaken the parts of Paducah.

The company is still not aware of what had caused this explosion.

They have said that this work is going to begin on Monday when a few of the state authorities are going to come and look at the scene. She added that whenever they receive clearance their staff will come and begin to see the damages and assess recovery plans for the area.

A deputy who is off-duty is going to secure this scene from the night of Friday to the morning of Monday so that no tampering can take place.

Stuber has said that the employees are required to check in before Monday with their supervisors. She said that they are aware of a few damages that have happened to the production area and it is looking like the damage is in that particular area but they cannot confirm it since no one has entered the place where the explosion took place.

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