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Disney+ Makes It Simpler To Start Shows Where You Left Off

Disney+ had a rough start, with a number of consumers reporting recurrent crashes and even complexity signing into their accounts. One of the firm’s first decisions to deal with the problems was to eliminate specific functions, with one of those being the “carry on watching” list. Disney has now included the list again to its service, permitting users to select up a show or movie where they left off.

Most streaming platforms have a “carry on watching” menu segment, so it was strange to see its nonattendance from the platform. While it was not quite at the beginning of the list of consumers’ complaints, it will be nice to speedily jump back into a show or movie without looking through different sections. The infrastructure of Disney was not quite ready for the number of users that the streaming platform brought in. In the end, 10 Million consumers registered up at the time of its launch day. On the other hand, the popularity of Baby Yoda appears to outshine most negative responses against the service.

On a related note, after Mystery Science Theater 3000 made its return using crowdfunding, Netflix supported a second installment of the show’s comeback that launched last year around this time. Unluckily, their association will actually end there, as Jonah Ray (the host) declared on Twitter that the streamer made a decision against doing one more season.

Certainly, as he claims, the show “always understood how to survive,” and Joel Hodgson (the series creator) claimed “It is not the conclusion of MST3K, it is just the conclusion of the chapter one of returning MST3K.” With an established ability to lift millions on Kickstarter and latest streaming outlets launching each week, the chances of new episodes is broad open. Currently, fans can expect for the yearly Turkey Day Marathon with 6 classic episodes beginning this week.

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