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Amazon Is Challenging The $10 Billion JEDI Deal Victory By Microsoft

Amazon has disclosed that it is officially challenging Pentagon’s move to award the $10 Billion JEDI cloud deal to Microsoft. The project might update the cloud infrastructure of the agency and will link the different departments within the agency, which presently has more than 500 different clouds. As per the media, the tech behemoth, which was a frontrunner till Pentagon made a decision on its rival, is lodging its complaint with the Court of Federal Claims in the US.

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) spokesperson claimed, “Various factors of the JEDI evaluation procedure had clear errors, deficiencies, and unmistakable bias, and it is essential that these subjects be rectified and examined.” They claimed: “We also think it is essential for our nation that the management and its elected leaders direct procurements objectively and in a way that is free from influence.”

Pentagon earlier placed the cloud-computing $10 Billion deal on hold after the president recommended that it might be rigged in support of Amazon. Media claims Amazon refused the accusations. The Department of Defense also probed an AWS worker who later operated on JEDI before getting back to AWS and discovered that he “did not impact the integrity negatively of the JEDI procurement.” It is no secret that the president is not fond of the firm, although, even if he did enroll for Twitch. Both Jeff Bezos and Amazon have served as common targets for him all over his presidency.

On a related note, Apple revealed its renovated 16-inch MacBook Pro just 2 days back, and Amazon has already entered with a sale—$2,300 rather than Apple’s list cost of $2,399. It is a huge shell out either way, but that saving of $100 will surely sweeten what is an already-luring deal for MacBook admirers.

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