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Amazon Extends Free Music Streaming To iOS, Android, And Fire TV

Amazon’s ad-supported, free music service is no longer restricted to Alexa machines. The platform is now accessible on iOS, Android, and Fire TV via the Amazon Music app for users in the UK, US, and Germany. You are still restricted to hearing stations and playlists (on the basis of eras, artists, songs, and genres), but this makes it inconsequential to queue up holiday songs or check out the newest rap tracks.

As with the initial roll out, this is actually about Amazon taking benefit of its far-reaching attendance to bring more users to its service. Theoretically, you will like the free service (or hate the ads) sufficiently to pay for a full-on Music Unlimited subscription or a Prime membership. Whatever it costs the firm in the short term may be valuable if it results in more paying users.

On a related note, Google’s Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a are two of our favorite cheap handsets, offering same camera tech seen in the earlier Pixel 3 phones while costing considerably less as compared to the lately-launched Pixel 4. Costs for these budget handsets have carried on dropping since roll out, but now Amazon has discounted both devices to their lowest costing till now.

The Pixel 3a was seen last month on sale for $349, but the $100 discount to $299 means it has never been more affordable. In the same manner, the larger Pixel 3a XL reached earlier $429, but is now on sale for $380.

Not all color versions are taking pleasures of those huge discounts, however. The Purple-ish and Clearly White versions of the Pixel 3a XL and the Just Black Pixel 3a are presently the cheapest. However, if you are really eager for a black Pixel 3a XL, you can select that one up for a still-reduced $399.

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