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Air Racing Tournament Reveals An All-Electric Sports Aircraft

The electric aircraft witnessed till now have aimed more on raw utility as compared to thrill-seeking, but that is about to alter very soon. An air racing tournament supported by Airbus, Air Race E, has officially revealed what it bills as the first race electric aircraft. The Condor Aviation-created White Lightning seems similar to a characteristic competitive single-seater, but has an electric motor that can drive it to 300MPH while managing tight turns on a circuit of 3.1 Miles at only 33 Feet off the ground.

The lithium battery has small life, to put it gently—the White Lightning can last for only 5 Minutes of top racing, and 10 Minutes at lower power of reserve flight. You will not see any long races with this one. Jeff Walkman (chief of Air Race E) rather defines the tournament and the airplane as a “test bed” that will drive electric flight all together.

The racing tourney does not kick off till next year, and some info has yet to be nailed down. Air Race E is only claimed to have the 8 groups later this week for the first race. It can represent a landmark for high-speed electric flight, although, and the tech discoveries made here can convert to daily air travel in the years to come.

On a related note, the firm responsible for the longest aircraft in the world, Airlander 10, has been given over £1 Million ($1.3 Million) to change it into an all-EV. The test edition of the somewhat obscene-seeming British blimp was retired earlier in January to make path for a manufacturing model, and it seems like said model will get rid of combustion for a greener kind of flight.The project is dubbed as E-HAV1 after HAV (Hybrid Air Vehicles), the firm that makes the 302-foot mixture of airship and airplane.

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