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IBM challenges Google’s claims of quantum supremacy

The claim of quantum supremacy by google is now being disputed by their close rival IBM. This is not because of the calculations of the quantum computer of Google being wrong but because of the company’s underestimation of IBM’s Summit. Summit is known as the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

The claims of google had been leaked accidently and are now examined in every possible way scientifically and is going to be examined sceptically until every doubt has been addressed.

When it comes to quantum supremacy, Google’s claims have been challenged by IBM. IBM has conceded that Google’s achievements are a significant milestone but has refused to accept that google has been able to achieve quantum supremacy.

The claims of Google had been refuted almost at the same time when the Nature paper of Google had been published. Google was claiming that the supercomputer of IBM, Summit would require 10,000 years for solving the problem which Sycamore from Google can solve in just 200 seconds. IBM however showed that Summit through its clever programming and the use of immense disk space can actually solve this problem in just 2.5 days. The Sycamore was still 1,100 faster than the Summit but it was not 157 million times quicker as had been claimed by Google.

As per IBM, it does not establish Google’s quantum supremacy as it requires the solving of a problem which a conventional computer is not able to solve in reasonable amount of time. According to IBM, the time of two and a half days is a reasonable amount of time and therefore quantum supremacy has not been attained yet.

The definition of quantum supremacy has though been debated.

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