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Google’s Play Points Program Awards You For Installing Apps

After first rolling out in Japan in 2018, Google is conveying its Play Store rewards project to the US. Beginning this week, you will be capable of enrolling in Google Play Points, letting you to get rewards by employing the firm’s digital marketplace.

To register to the program, open the Play Store application on your Android handset and then click the 3 lines icon situated at the top interface within the search bar. You will then see a menu option dubbed as “Play Points.” The initiative can be joined with no cost, and you can get points on everything you purchase from the Play Store, comprising subscriptions and in-app purchases. You can get extra points by installing a rotating list of featured applications every week, along with taking benefit of promotions each week.

Once you have a few points, you can redeem them for credit on Play Store, apart from in-app purchases—which may make that secret addiction of Candy Crush Saga a bit more reasonably priced. Finally, you can give away the points to a number of nonprofits.

With every dollar invested, you also shift nearer to a higher rewards stage. There are 4 stages in total. Each one comes with extra advantages. The most notable benefit is that you get more points for every dollar pumped versus in the earlier category. With the platinum stage, for example, you receive 1.4 points for every dollar versus to 1 point for each dollar in the bronze stage. The catch is that you have to preserver a specific level of investment to remain in a particular section.

If you need to get extra credits in Play Store, you can also install longstanding Opinion Rewards app of Google that allows you get app rewards by offering your 2 cents on a series of topics.

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