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Google News Can Show Stories In Your Feed In Two Languages

If you are expert in two languages, there is a good opportunity you need to go through news stories in both—say, to keep up with both the country you now call home and your country of origin. And if that is the case, Google now will support you. Google has upgraded News for iOS and Android with support for showing stories in 2 languages with only one feed. You can keep up with both Korean and American news, or even employ the same language to check on news in various nations.

The feature is now accessible in language settings of Google News for 41 language variants and 141 nations. This will not be a complete assistance if you are a full-fledged linguist who speaks 3 or more languages, but it overtakes having to employ various apps or the internet to get a more absolute picture of the news that is important.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is terminating its hyperlocal project for news Bulletin. Similar to Nextdoor, the service was a blog-like site that permitted people to post articles to the app with photo and video content. Users nearby can see those articles, and they might appear in the search. The platform rolled out last year as a pilot and Google earlier claimed that it is terminating it.

In a memo to people, the firm claimed that within few weeks the app will be accessible no longer. People who shared articles on the app will be capable of downloading their posts. One factor as to why the service was never a success is that it was not highly publicized, so chances are less that people will be missing it. The firm is still attempting to know other methods to support local news as part of its current Google News Initiative.

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