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Evidence builds for a virus as the culprit in polio-like acute flaccid myelitis

Scientists have found out strong evidence that a virus could be the disease-causing microorganism that is causing a mysterious disease in the children which looks like sniffles but then quickly paralyzes the body parts.

The polio-like syndrome is called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is very rare. But since it was first detected in the US in 2012, the number of reports of the disease has increased almost every year. The microorganism is very elusive in nature according to the researchers and scientists.

Researchers have tried new techniques to find out the disease-causing microorganism like checking the spinal fluid of a patient infected by the virus for signs in the immunity system that it had fought against the malicious virus. It contained antibodies that fight against enteroviruses, which is a family of viruses.

But scientists know that only finding out the family of the virus would be of little hope as to find out a cure for the disease and proper diagnosis they will have to find out the one virus which is causing the disease. If the virus is not pointed out there could be no vaccines that could be made and injected in our body to provide further resistance. It is important to study the virus and its behaviour both outside and inside the human body and how it affects the body.

There have been around 590 cases reported in the US since the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention began to take serious note of the disease. The maximum cases were reported in the year 2016. There have been 22 cases reported so far this year.

The patients suffering from the disease have been diagnosed with damaged nerves in the spinal cord which is causing certain parts of the body like the neck, arm, and shoulders to become paralyzed

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