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China begins its 5G services for the consumers of the country

The mobile operators in China have offered services for 5G to the consumers of the country as the largest market in the world on the 1st of November made the network available to its consumers.

5G which is the fifth generation of connectivity of mobile internet is touted to offer services such as data download and upload at a much faster speed, more coverage and better stability in connections.

The three operators who were backed by the state being China Telecom, China Unicorn and China Mobile had scheduled the launch initially for the next year however they managed to accelerate this rollout.

This service which is a superfast service is now available to the consumers in as many as 50 cities in China with the inclusion of Shanghai and Beijing. Prices for the plans per month start from providing users of 30 GB data in $18 dollars and also provide a voice chat of 500 minutes.

As per the government, over 130,000 base stations of 5G are going to be activated by the end of this year to support this network. This is going to make it the largest 5G deployment of the world according to Beijing.

Over 10 million people have registered for these 5G plans from the local carriers before this launch as reported by the local media in the month of October.

Huawei which is a giant in Chinese telecom has made the first 5G global call and has launched the first terminal device of 5G in the year 2018. This company has been caught majorly in the crossfire of the trade war between US and China as these two countries have been fighting for position over leadership in the sector of technology.

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