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Voyager 2 goes into space and reveals a lot of new characteristics

The NASA’s Voyager probes have been working incredibly hard for a very long time. The Voyager which had been launched in the year 1977 as Voyager 1 & 2 have since been travelling through space as it reveals the secrets of the solar system for a staggering 42 years. In all of this time, they have been able to get back a lot of data about the place in the universe which we have. The journey which has taken both of the probes beyond the farthest reaches of the planet and into the space. Voyager 1 had seen its departure in the year 2012 and in the month of November last year the Voyager 2 also followed.

The chief scientist of the Voyager mission, Ed Stone has said that it has been an extremely wonderful journey. He said through a press briefing that this had begun with the launching of the two spacecraft in the year 1977 for the exploration of Saturn and Jupiter and everything which has followed since has been a step wise journey into the depths of the space.

In the new research papers, the first data form the solar system exit of the Voyager 2 has been revealed and new characteristics of the interstellar space have been brought to notice. It has been confirmed by the findings that as on November 5, 2018, the Voyager 2 had officially entered the space at a distance of 119 au which is 119 times the distance between Sun and the Earth which is an estimated 11 billion miles.

The on-board instruments of the space ship had been able to assess the changes in the cosmic rays, charged particles and plasma density as well as the magnetic fields.

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