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Facebook makes an attempt to re-brand with focus on Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook has been making an attempt to make people aware that it holds the ownership of Oculus, WhatsApp and Instagram while it plans to maintain an identity for their main app which is distinct.

Facebook has today launched a new format for typography and capitalization for the name of the company using every letter as capital and a colour scheme that is shifting and highlights the purple gradient of Instagram and green tint of WhatsApp.

In the forthcoming weeks, their CMO has said that they are going to begin the use of the new brand in their marketing and product materials which includes a new website for the company, He cited an example that the branding of a bolder “from FACEBOOK” is going to appear on the login screen of Instagram at the bottom and at the settings menu. Facebook had been previously using their logo as “f” in lowercase.

There had been a consideration of Facebook for shifting to a new name for company that is overarching altogether. However they say that post considering all the options it was imperative that the company name was maintained as they want to continue to be what they have always been that is Facebook. They add that it was imperative to maintain the identity of the company to continue standing for the decisions which they have made and consider their responsibility. However many believe that post the problematic past of the company a name change might have been considered as an attempt to move on from their past.

The re-branding process of the company had begun in the month of June as it began adding “from Facebook” as a tagline to their products.

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