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Twitter to focus on more accessible markets, won’t enter China

Ned Segal, the Chief Financial officer of Twitter, has revealed that the company is focusing on comparatively open markets than that of China. Currently, their services are blocked in China.The company is targeting those markets where the customers can believe in the information they see on the platform of Twitter.

The company also emphasizes on the fact that the customers should be able to take part in the conversations and put their views. Ned Segal also acknowledged that the users should feel safe while using the platform.The social media app has 145 million users who are shown ads for monetization purposes.

Twitter has faced the ban from lawmakers of different regions in the world. It is mainly due to their inability to stop the transmission of false information in critical situations, such as during elections. Facebook and YouTube have also faced the same fate in recent times.

The platform has been trying to remove the suspicious accounts since then to tackle the problem.

Advertising is one of the main aspects of the platform. They have taken up new measures to provide better ad formats which are also relevant to the needs of the users. The advertisers can use videos to compel more customers nowadays.

The company has come short of its expectations during the third quarter of this year. Advertising challenges and product issues are believed to be the main reason behind this shortcoming. The advertising revenue for the quarter was $ 702 million against the predicted $ 756 million.

During the quarter, the “Mobile application promotion” products faced problems in its operation. This suite of products helps to promote several apps on mobile devices.

The company is trying to bring an updated version of the software which will be free of glitch. But the exact date of availability is not known as of now.

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