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People who visited Disneyland on Oct16 may be at measles risk

The health agency of California has said that people who have visited Disneyland on October 16, 2019, may be at risk of exposure to measles. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has said that a person with the highly infectious disease had visited the theme park between 9:15 in the morning and 8.35 in the evening.

The person has also visited a Starbucks in Los Angeles. All those who have been there at Disneyland or at the Starbucks were urged by the agency to visit their doctor if they had not taken their vaccination or if they had a weak immune system or if they were pregnant. Parents have also been asked to seek help from a doctor in case their infant or child was exposed to the disease. The agency has said that as part of the symptoms rashes can show up between 7-21 days of exposure to the disease.

A County health officer of Los Angeles said that for people who have not taken protection against the disease, it is a highly severe and contagious disease which can cause cough, fever, red watery eyes and then rashes. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, measles virus can spread through sneezing or coughing and can live in the air upto 2 hours. If people happen to breathe in the air contaminated with the virus or they touch their eyes, nose or mouth after touching an infected surface, then they get infected. The health department has said that 19 cases have been reported among the residents of Los Angeles County and 11 cases involved non-residents.

The MMR vaccine is given for the prevention of measles and is given in 2 doses. CDC said that these 2 doses are 97% effective in the prevention of the disease and the single dose of this vaccination is found to be 93% effective.

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