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Made In Space to send plastic recycler to space station

Made In Space made an announcement on October 21, 2019 of their near future plan of sending a plastic recycling facility to International Space Station. The facility would be carried by a commercial cargo resupply flight of Northrop Grumman which has been scheduled during November. The Braskem Recycler has been planned in such a way that it would transform plastic waste as well as 3D printed objects into a certain kind of feedstock which can be used as the raw material for Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility at the space station.

Prime Engineer at Made In Space, Michael Snyder said that regional producing resources has a significant potential for exploring the space. Manufacturing and using recycling options at the ISS would be a significant step for making environment friendly manufacturing systems which would further keep the option for exploring the solar system wide open. Otherwise, the experiments made in space which produce lots of waste would be stored and later released in open space, thereby eventually destroying the entire solar system. During 2016, petrochemical company in Brazil which manufactures bipolyethylene from sugarcane and Made In Space jointly declared that the first half of their plan has been printed at Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility.

From that time, these two firms have been putting all their energy at developing the Braskem Recycler. Plastic waste and other unwanted stuffs need to be thrown inside the recycler. It would then break the material, provide heat and make reels of feedstock for Additive Manufacturing Facility. Astronauts will have to put their waste into the facility and it would work on its own. Made In Space commented during a press release that, the recycler would require least help from the crew. The recycler has been made by Made In Space as their partnership project with Braskem.

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