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Voluntary recall of baby powder products announced by Johnson & Johnson

There was a voluntary recall announced by Johnson & Johnson of its baby powder products which were talc-based on Friday, after the FDA found the traces of the asbestos which is cancer causing in a test of the samples. The recall has followed the losses legally and a report which investigated the link of asbestos exposure and the talc products of the company.

This recall is going to affect just one lot of the baby powder which still amounts up to 33,000 bottles. As per the company it had been prompted by the FDA finding levels of chrysotile asbestos contamination which were sub traceable in a sample which was taken from a bottle bought online.

Another lot which was tested by the FDA had ended up being negative. The company said that there have been no reports of any injury which were linked to these products but in a statement by the company on Friday, said that the recall was made by the company out of an abundance of caution.

The company further added that it has a testing standard that is rigorous to ensure that the cosmetic talc is safe and the years of testing which include the testing of FDA on the prior occasions having found no trace of asbestos as recently as the previous month.

An investigative report last December though uncovered evidence which showed that the company had known for decades that a few of its own and the tests which were conducted independently had detected the cancer causing substance in their products. The company even took steps to hide the results from people and also the FDA.

The allegations were denied by the company.

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