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Universal flu vaccine may become a reality soon say researchers

The vaccines for influenza are already present but these vaccines have to be reinvented by the specialist always in order to target the specific flu strains in order to make the vaccines effective.

There has been an attempt by the scientists to create a vaccine which is going to be a universal flu vaccine.

Influenza known as flu commonly is one of the world’s most widespread illness worldwide. The two virus strains namely strain A and B are the ones which are responsible for the flu. There have been between 9 million and 49 million cases of the disease estimated every year post 2010 in the US alone as per the statistics of the CDC.

Since there are different viral strains and each of the strain has a lot of different subtypes the doctors must be careful of administering the right vaccine every time. There is a need for them to use the one which targets the specific stains and the subtypes which circulate in the population for the success of this preventive approach.

As of now there is no universal vaccine which targets all the viruses of influenza effectively however the researchers might be closer to the development of one.

An investigating team in New York has come up with an all new approach which can change how the scientists are thinking about targeting viruses.

The approach is also in future going to provide a pathway to a flu vaccine which is universal as the researchers have suggested in their study papers.

Prof. Florian Krammer and Prof. Peter Palese were leading the research and had turned their attention to the protein called hemagglutinin which is present on the flu viruses surface and directs them to the host cells.

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