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Maintaining healthy weight in mid 20s reduces risk of premature death

A latest study suggests that adults, who lose their weight in their middle to late adult life and people that are overweight in their mid 20s and middle age have a significantly higher risk of an early death.The researchers, who were based in China have announced that people who maintain their body weight to a normal level throughout their adult life have a lot lower chances of having an early death when compared to people that are overweight.

The data for the research came from 3600 people that were a part of a US survey from 1988-1994 and 1999-2014. The research included people of age 40 and above in the current period of time.The height and weight of the participants was checked when the survey began, they were 25 years old at that time.There were a total of 10,500 deaths over 12 years on an average. After considering all the relevant factors, the researchers came to a conclusion that people who faced obesity during their entire adulthood have a lot higher chances of early deaths and people who were just overweight showed a slightly higher or no risks.

It was also found that people who gained the weight in their adulthood had increased chances of untimely deaths than those who maintained their weight normally during adulthood. Also, the weight loss during youth and mid adult life didn’t have any connection with early deaths.As the age of the people progresses, the link between the death risk and weight gain gets weak while the research indicates that weight gain and early deaths are linked with adulthood lifestyle.

The researchers admit that their study doesn’t explain any cause and effect relationship and they are not ruling out the possibility of some other risk that they left uninvestigated.According to the researchers, 36% of American male population and 38% of the female population were found to be obese back in 2016.

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