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T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Gets Green Signal from the FCC

The last obstacle was removed when the FCC gave its approval for the merger between the two telecom giants.

Sprint and T-Mobile have been approved for the $26 billion merger by the FCC. But still, it has to pass through the bipartisan lawsuit before finally proceeding with the merger.

However, many have criticized the approval, s saying that it would remove competition and hurt consumers.

The telecom field in the U.S. witnesses shrinking competition. The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile will bring it down from four to three competitors.

Jessica Rosenworcel, one of the two Democrats who voted against the merger states that the merger will reduce the number of telecom players in the country. This will hurt consumers and competition. Thousands of people will be rendered jobless, she states.

The merger between the two telecom giants initially got its approval from the DOJ in the month of July.

The final approval was from the FCC. Two Democrat commissioners were against the approval while three commissioners gave their approval vote for the merger. Two Republican commissioners Michael O’Rielly and Brendan Carr along with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai have given their consent for the merger.

Rosenworcel voices her concern over the merger. Consumers will be charged with higher wireless prices. Consumers will be affected without proper competitors in the sector. There will be a lack of competitive prices and innovation.

Geoffrey Starks, another Democrat who gave his dissent for the merger states that the merger should be made only after the Lifeline Subsidy funds of Sprint are investigated and resolved.

All that remains for the merger to close is the multistate lawsuit by the state attorneys general, who still continue to block the deal, by a bipartisan coalition.

According to conditions for the merger, T-Mobile has to bring in Dish Mobile which will serve as the fourth telecom, to provide some competition in the field.

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