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Internet Archive Brings 2500 MS-DOS Supportive Games On Internet

Are you one of those vintage PC gamers who used to enjoy PC games on MSDOS? Then here is great news for you! The San Francisco-based digital library—internet archive—is back again with a great surprise for old PC gamers. The library has brought about 2,500 games which are playable on MS-DOS platform back. These games will be available on internet browser accompanied by their respective manuals.

Since past few years, many of those vintage classic games which were playable only on selective platforms or with selective hardwares, are coming back to the life with the help of various softwares. Many of those games are rejuvenated by the Internet Archive. Though making vintage games available again in their same old, playable format is not a great deal for Internet Archive, the recently released batch took a lot of tougher efforts to make the task execute finally with a success.

According to Jason Scott— Archive curator —this toughest of all the task was compiled and executed successfully as a goal of the project eXoDOS. eXoDOS is the project on internet archive which aims to bring vintage MS-DOS-based PC-compatible games backs to the life in their playable format. Scott added that, the changes in past 40 years has made the archive to work on rejuvenating old PC games as many of those were basically platform-dependent. Some of them were dependent on specifically configured hardwares, too.

Making the old games playable again was a trickiest task for developers. To make MS-DOS games run again smoothly, the developers had to set up the respective configurations in the file named CONFIG.SYS with the help of memory registers. Additionally, converting CD-ROM games into playable format was even more ticklish job.

The recently released games include famous CD-ROM games such as Star Wars, MechWarrior 2 along with CRPG titles like Ultima VII, Alone in the Dark, Wizardry VII and many more.

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