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Rudy Giuliani faces federal probe for his role in Ukraine deals

Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for allegedly undermining the work of Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador in Ukraine. He is also under investigation for breaking Lobbying laws during his dealings with Ukraine.

The investigation is under process at Southern district of New York where Rudy served as an attorney before becoming the mayor of New York City in 1994. According to some sources, the SDNY investigation includes the former mayor, 2 businessmen born in soviet era and Trump.

The businessmen known as Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas have already been arrested by the Feds as they were accused of funneling foreign cash into America to fund Republican Partyto serve the interest of a Ukrainian business man that wanted the US ambassador of that time Marie Yovanovitch fired.

As of now, Giuliani hasn’t given any statement or comment on the matter. During a media interaction he said that the 2 soviet born businessmen helped him in getting evidences against Hunter Biden and also introduced him to the former prosecutors from Ukraine. He also said the time of the arrest was susceptible and he will be revealing some relevant facts really soon.

On Friday night, Trump appeared to cut off from him as when was asked by the reporters if Rudy Giuliani is still his attorney or not and the whole situation. He said that he hasn’t talked to Rudy as of now and he doesn’t know about it yet. Later Giuliani told the media that he still is the lawyer of the president.

The two businessmen are based in Florida and were caught at the Dallas International Airport with a single way ticket to Vienna. Both of them have been made into witnesses for the ongoing case and will have to testify and give statements over the investigations over President Trump and they have also been subpoenaed in order to testify in front of multiple house committees.

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