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UK Govt grants £87m contracts for ferrying drugs in No Deal Brexit scenario

In a situation of no deal Brexit, the Government of UK has decided to give out £87 million worth of contract to ferry companies so that they can transport the essential medications into UK territory.

The contract has been awarded to P&O, Brittney ferries, Stena Lines and DFDS and it is expected that they will start their work from 31st of October. These contracts are aimed at making sure that UK doesn’t lack in basic necessities for the citizens, in case of a no deal brexit from EU.

The contract duration is just for 6 months which indicate that government has other plans with brexit as well according to a spokesperson. In case the contract gets cancelled, UK government will have to pay a total of £11.5 million to the companies.

According to the transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, UK is now getting ready to leave behind EU starting from October 31 and prepare for any possible outcome just like any sensible administration should do in such scenarios.

Government has also done some paper works earlier at the start of the week to help their suppliers to cross the borders and fulfill the requirements. This is aimed at increasing the capacity of the medical firms so that they can be prepared for any outcome after No deal Brexit.

Mike Thompson from the Association of British Pharmaceuticals Industry said that some of the pharma companies have already stockpiled resources and some even have already arranged their own ferry routes so that supply wouldn’t get disrupted.

Dame Sally Davies warned people earlier this week that patients could even die if there is shortage in vital medication supplies. She told on a radio show that there is still no guarantee over the fact that there will be enough supplies. She also added that they cannot guarantee that there won’t be deaths.

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