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Musk compelled officials in Thai to say good things for him, mini-subs

Back in 2018, Elon Musk called VeronUnsworth and expert spelunker child rapist and pedoguy. This happed after Musk was criticized by Unsworth after he tried to rescue near about 12 boys as well as their football coach from one of the flooded caves situated in Thailand.

At present, Musk is facing defamation lawsuit from Unsworth in America, who on Monday stated that Musk is willing to take digs on subjects, which doesn’t even have any links to his companies, SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and Boring Company.

The dispute started during the month of July 2018, when Musk stated that his company is developing a pod or mini-submarine which can carry the soccer coach and team of kids back to safety. Contrary to this,Unsworth commented during one of his interviews that the endeavor undertaken by Musk won’t help this lead to various rants of Elon Musk over the internet.

In a recent interview,Unsworth revealed that with the help of emails and desposition transcripts it can be stated that Musk as well as his affiliates gave payments to private investigators so that they can malign the image of cave rescuer. In addition to this,Elon Musk gave command to his team so that they can put pressure on officials of Thailand so that they can speak nice things for him and mini-submarine which can prove as deadly mission for rescue.

In September Musk appealed in the court in which he said that Unsworth has no right to defame the case and he didn’t really mean that Unsworth is a pedophile. Contrary to this, L. Lin Wood said that the case has to proceed as Musk had made various false and contradictory statements so that he can defend himself.

Furthermore, attorneys of Unsworth wrote that motion of Musk was solely based on antithetical principle as in one scenario Musk is accusing Unsworth as a pedophile and on the other he is denying his previous statement. Attorneys further stated that the accusations made by Musk are defamatory, false and they must be denied altogether.

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