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Disney Agreement Will Keep ESPN On PlayStation Vue For Years To Come

Do not be concerned about the destiny of ESPN channels on PlayStation Vue—they are not going soon anywhere. The Walt Disney Company and Sony have agreed to a “multi-year” agreement that will keep delivery Disney-based channels to Vue, comprising a number of ESPN channels, the Disney Channel, ABC, and lately purchased Fox channels such as National Geographic and FX. There is no citation of how much the agreement is worth.

It would not be shocking if Sony gave a premium amount as compared to the deal declared in 2015. The channel offerings by Disney have extended significantly since then, and that is not adding any cost elevations for present channels. And similar to other streaming TV suppliers, PlayStation Vue is extremely relied on sports. Sony may not have much option if it needs to satisfy live sports users, even if the move ultimately results in price hikes.

On a related note, when Disney’s chairman of International and Direct-to-Consumer business, Kevin Mayer, took the stage at D23 previous month, the first thing he stated was that the firm’s aim is to “inspire and entertain people of all ages.” Mayer highlighted to Marvel, Pixar, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, and Star Wars as the ideal example of the width of content that will be present on the Disney+ service, the streaming platform that is launching in November 2019 in Canada and the US.

“Never has so much of our material been available previously, whether you are nostalgic for your favorites in childhood or simply require Baby Groot,” Mayer, who was an instrumental entity in the Disney buyouts of Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, claimed about Disney+.

All Mayer had to do to get users off their couches at the Disney+ Showcase for D23 Expo was tell them that the complete Pixar series might be on the streaming platform from the first day itself.

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