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Rivian, EV Startup, Gets Major Boost With Amazon Ordering EVs For Delivery

Rivian Automotive LLC which is a startup that makes electric vehicle has got a major boost from one of the investors this Thursday when Amazon has announced on its website that it is going to order electric vans for its delivery.

Before even beginning to commercially produce at the factory that it has in Normal, Illinois, these orders of Amazon have made sure that the maker of electric vehicles has become the frontrunner in the market.

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has said in the capital that as a part of the plan by the company to be neutral when it comes to carbon emissions by 2040, it will be ordering the electric vans from Rivian with these deliveries beginning from the year 2021. Their goal is to deploy all these vehicles by the year 2024.

Rivian which is a potential rival to Tesla of Silicon Valley has unveiled its electric pickup R1T and RIS SUV in the month of November last year, but had caught the interest of Amazon earlier. Bezos had personally reached out to the CEO of Rivian in the summer last year to express interest in the investment.

In February, Rivian which was based in Michigan had founded in the year 2009, which has raised nearly $1.9 billion from the investors which included $700 million in February where the round was led by the online retailing company.

The deal has made sure that Rivian is placed among the builders of Electric Vehicle. This helps in the boosting of the image of the brand.

Rivian is aspiring to be the first producer of electric pickup vehicles that are meant for mass markets.

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