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Vaping Hoodies Add To The Troubles Of Parents, Teachers

Parents and medical fraternity that was hoping for some respite from vaping among teenagers has discovered that banning the device will not get rid of the habit. It has recently been discovered that hoodies with concealed vaping device within it is being used by school going children to continue their habit even inside a classroom.

This is one among several camouflaged vaping devices that are being used by high school children to maintain their addiction to nicotine or marijuana. As laws forbid sales of vaping products and devices to anyone below age of 18 people are using diverse range of devices like computer mouse, phone case, backpack, USB drive and others are being colorfully advertised. Though electronic cigarettes were introduced as a tobacco free device the current range of vaping accessories in the market are tailored to help teenagers to keep their vaping habit secret.

Teachers and parents say that this is an alarming trend because they wouldn’t be able to keep these products out of their children’s hands. Data released by federal agencies shows that nearly a quarter of the nation’s high school children vaped within past one month. This habit seems to have caught the fancy of teenagers and they soon became addicted to it.

As per a survey conducted by anti-tobacco group The Truth Initiative in 2018 that asked questions to teachers of middle and high school found out that only one third of them were aware of what a Juul vaping device looks like. Associate professor at Duke University Sven-Eric Jordt who keeps educating children about the dangers of vaping says that recently Uwell developed a device which looks like a smart-watch which when removed from the wristband turns into a vaping device. This is going on even as CDC is trying to investigate the spurt of lung illness and deaths caused by vaping devices.

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