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Google Photos Has A New Stories-Akin Memories Feature

The cameras on our handsets are enhancing, and we keep taking increasing number of pics. That poses a challenge for Google and Apple: how to show the best moments out of millions of pics we snap annually? iOS 13 has a novel intelligent view that represents consumers highlights from any month, day, or year, and now Google is making some alterations to its Photos apparition to assist users see significant pictures from the past. Obviously, the new feature is dubbed as Memories, and it employs the well-liked “stories” form that you will see in Instagram and Snapchat to display you earlier pics.

The first thing Google emphasizes is that while this function seems same as that of stories, these pictures are your personal media, shown confidentially. The stories-akin Memories will display at your gallery’s top, residing above your latest pics. There is a logo to click and get pics from past, displaying you some of the best images you snapped on that specific day.

Obviously, Google is employing ML to show the best images out of many duplicate pictures you may have snapped at any specific time, so you are not presented with 6 different editions of the same picture. Google also sensitively claims that you “may not wish to repeat all your memories,” so you can hide specific people or time periods, or turn off the feature completely.

On a related note, Google is making it much simpler to search for particular pictures with text via its Photos app. Over the decade, the tech behemoth launched different object recognition functions for its backup application run by Google Lens, so it does not end up a photo dump where you cannot find anymore anything. Now, the tech behemoth has begun launching out the capability to search for pictures through the text found in them in Photos.

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