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Google Undergoes Antitrust Probe From 50 State Attorneys General

A group of 50 state AGs have issued a new antitrust probe into Google, claims media. As per Ken Paxton (Texas Attorney General), the leader of the initiative, the probe will initially aim at the firm’s advertising business but is expected to extend to encompass other factors of how the firm performs itself. “The facts will direct where the fact directs,” claimed Paxton on the actions of the Supreme Court.

The number of states comprised in the probe is a shock. Before this week’s announcement, media claimed that about 25 AGs might be comprised in the investigation. The probe follows at a time when both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have shown worries that a few firms have too much power. Google, specifically, is expected to encounter intense security. Last week, Google verified that the Justice Department requested the firm for data as fraction of its current tech competition probe.

Earlier the media posted about a Department of Justice probe and a few days after news first emerged about a group of AGs seeking to begin a probe of their own.

On a related note, last week it was claimed that more than half of the countries AGs are anticipated to declare an antitrust probe into Google. Details on the probe were restricted, but it is yet one more investigation into fears that big tech has gathered too much influence.

Previously this summer, an antitrust subcommittee in the House grilled officials from Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. In May, media learned that the Department of Justice was mulling over an antitrust probe into Google. Google decided on a settlement after a FTC antitrust probe. The EU earlier banged Google with its own penalties and violations. While Congress appears determined to reigning in big tech, it seems hesitant of exactly how to do so.

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