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Sarah Sanders To Tell A Book About Experience In White House

Sarah Sanders who is the Press Secretary of the White House will be the latest in line to become a book author among the administration of the Donald Trump era.

She however has said that the readers should not be expecting a tell all book and instead plans to write about her experiences in the White House instead.

In an announcement she made on Thursday she said that she is planning to discuss the critics of the President Donald Trump and almost equally as much as she is going to discuss the US President himself.

She is planning to tell the stories she has about her life from the Arkansas to the White House and also back. She wanted to also tell the tales of being a working mom and still being able to stay at the very high level of the American Politics and the role she had in the fight which is potentially going to be historic and is raging between the critics for the country’s future and the Trump administration. This was said by Sanders in a statement she gave.

The novel is yet to be titled but Sanders is expected to be scheduled to be out by the fall of 2020. As a result, this is expected to be out for publication just before the general election of 2020 in which the current president Donald Trump is going to seek a re-election.

Sanders had left the White House of the US administration in the month of June and are also going to take another role this week when she makes her first appearance as Fox News Commentator.

She is the daughter of the former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee.

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