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Better Intelligence Needed Says Space Commander, Air Force

The US military is currently reorganizing its space forces. The military activated the US Space Command recently and is currently undergoing preparations as Congress enacts the Space Force branch, conferring it the same status as that of armed services. Although much attention is being paid to all the bureaucrats being shuffled, not many details have been released regarding the capabilities and skills needed by Space Force members for defending satellites from missiles and enemy lasers.

Maj. Gen. Shaw of AFSC stated that the military was concerned about not having a reliable source of intelligence regarding the happenings in space. Shaw stated at the INSS that intelligence support and infrastructure was vital for the smooth running of Space Command.

During another panel session held with intelligence officials, Shaw stated that the AFSC was going through various strategies that would ensure that Space Force became a phenomenal success. This meant that reliable sources of information had to be established, which would help counter orbital threats. Shaw stated that they were currently trying to figure out their course of action, should space turn out to be another warfighting domain. This means prepping for conflicts that might extend to space in case anti-sat weapons get deployed during a war.

Shaw stated that for Space Force to become fully ready, it had to ensure several aspects had been established well. Not just organization, he also stressed the need for developing new capabilities and enhancing human resources in intelligence. There was an urgent need to develop space professionals specializing in space-related activities.

He stated that efforts had to be made for developing intelligence resources regarding space activities. The US military always had to be one step ahead of the competition. Shaw emphasized that the intelligence wing would become a key player in all major space operations henceforth.

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