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New Factory Started For Production Of Volvo’s Electric Car Polestar 1

The electric car brand of Volvo, Polestar has announced the opening of its new electric car factory which is situated in Shanghai and also that it has announced the start of the production of Polestar 1. Two years ago when Volvo had done a rebranding of Polestar, it was off to a strange but interesting beginning as it had unveiled its first vehicle which is now the Polestar 1.

Although the brand when they said that they were bringing a competitor to Tesla in the all-electric competitor to Model 3, the car sounded to be an expensive plug- in hybrid cars that looked to be outdated. Volvo is now talking about only making electric vehicles from now on and taking that approach forward, Polestar has planned the bringing in of two electric vehicles into production at its new facility for production in Chengdu in China.

Polestar’s plan to manufacture vehicles at this new factory is for this time being done to also export the vehicles out of China and not just make it for China like it had been doing previously. Polestar has further announced the beginning of the production of Polestar 1 which is a plug-in hybrid which is priced at $160,000–185,000.

The Polestar 1 is anticipated to have a major all-electric range owing to its 34 kwh battery pack for its plug-in hybrid. This is unique for a PHEV. The company is planning a production of only 500 units for the year. The car is expected to be open for sales by the time this year ends which means that the company is going to ramp up the production in the plant however the production of the company’s volume vehicle Polestar 2 will not be happening there.

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