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Midrange Phones By Samsung Assisted Its Market Share Increase In Europe

Samsung may have fine reasons for recommending that midrange handsets can assist it to escape from its profit drop. Canalys predicted that Samsung was flourishing in Europe in the Q2 of this year due to partly to its midrange handsets, increasing to 40.6% share compared to 33.9% a year back. That is 18.3 Million handsets overall. It had 3 of the leading 5 shipping handsets, all of which were more reasonably priced A-series devices such as the Galaxy A50. Flagships such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S may have been the dominators of the show, but it was the lower-priced devices that actually got users into shops.

That was mirrored in the other victor from the same period. The share of Xiaomi increased by 50% to 9.6% due to mid-cost handsets such as the Redmi Note 7.

It was not pretty for other merchants. Huawei seemed to have reeled from the impacts of the blacklisting by the US, dropping to 18.8% share. Nokia phone manufacturer HMD Global also endured in this market. And the weak iPhone sales by Apple manifested themselves here, with a drop of 14.1% share. Not shockingly, its most popular device was the comparatively reasonably priced iPhone XR.

Speaking of Samsung, the firm is manufacturing 5G variants of both the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10, but only the former variant is arriving to the US, as per media reports. In the meantime, a 6.3-inch smaller Galaxy Note 10 5G will surely be developed, but it will roll out only in Korea.

It is not sure why the firm is doing this, considering that the 5G model of Galaxy Note 10 Plus that is arriving to the US will operate on all the primary carriers, beginning with Verizon. It may come down to different elements, as the Korean variants of the Note 10 will have Exynos 9825 instead of Snapdragon 855 processors.

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