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Some Renowned Robocall Blockers Illicitly Transmitted Personal Data

Although robocall blocking apps have high customer-demand and are quite useful, sometimes these tools create other serious issues. Dan Hastings—a security researcher at NCC group—has observed that such call blocking apps have been illicitly and secretly distributing the users’ information to other analytics companies. Truecaller and Hiya are two of the several robocall blocking apps that were transmitting information before a user accepts the apps’ privacy policies. Another such app, TrapCall, was also sending contact numbers without specifying the information transmission in the privacy policy. Some apps were instantly sending the data to social media sites, such as Facebook.

In response to data transmission, Truecaller informed TechCrunch that it rectified the issue by releasing an app update. However, TrapCall developers modified the app’s privacy policy. Hiya told it did not pass on the users’ personal data, and on the other side, it was further reinforcing privacy to make sure that it wouldn’t transmit device data without the users’ authorization.

The illegal trading of user data has become a secondary income source for some companies.

On a similar note, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)—a US-based association of the video game industry—stated that “website vulnerability” led to the leakage of important information.

The ESA’s a division that was responsible for managing Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event data had not dedicatedly worked on the website security. This negligence resulted in the exposure of details of more than 2,000 journalists, analysts, content creators, and others who attended E3, 2019. A spreadsheet of the attendees with their contact information was available on the event’s website, which was later spotted by Sophia Narwitz on YouTube.

It seems that the association prepared the list in order to approach content creators and news media for the coverage of newly launched and upcoming videogames.

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