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Facial Recognition Will Detect Russian Sleepy Taxi Drivers

Tired Russian taxi drivers might soon be obliged to take breaks. The biggest taxi service in the country, Yandex. A taxi will fit hardware in all their vehicles that employ facial recognition tech to detect exhausted drivers, claims media. The firm joined hands with Uber previous year, letting drivers to access users from both apps.

The hardware, which will be fitted on the windshield of the car, comprises software that can detect the symptoms of a tired person—comprising yawning, blinking, and a less than upright posture. Overall, the software can detect 68 facial points.

The decision by Yandex is in reaction to requests from legislators in Russia that taxi firms do more to stop accidents. Moscow encountered 764 car accidents in 2018, which led to 23 deaths. Many held responsible for the elevated employment of ride-hailing services and extra vehicles on the road for the rise in roadside accidents.

Auto manufacturers have already launched out the same facial recognition functions in their cars. The 2019 Subaru Forester comprises a function dubbed as DriverFocus, a monitoring system for a driver that can detect symptoms of fatigue in drivers. A driver-facing camera employs infrared light to trace the position of the head.

On a related note, Facebook consumers now have the approval to take legal action against the firm over its employment of facial recognition tech. San Francisco’s 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals verdict in the favor of plaintiffs 3-0 after Facebook made an attempt to ban a class-action case. The lawsuit claims that it lawfully stored and captured biometric data of millions of users without their permission.

The court “claimed that the designing of a face template with the help of facial-recognition tech without permission (as claimed in this lawsuit) invades a person’s concrete interests and private affairs.” The judge claimed in an opinion that “the facial-recognition tech in question here can get data that is encyclopedic, detailed, and effortlessly compiled, which might be almost unfeasible without such tech.”

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