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Huawei Launches HarmonyOS, Its New Operating System

In recent time, Huawei launched its own OS (operating system) the HarmonyOS, Richard Yu—CEO of the Consumer Division at Huawei—reported. While addressing the Huawei Developer Conference held in Dongguan, Yu stated that the OS can be used in different devices from smart speakers to smartphones and even sensors. It is a part of Huawei’s feat in the so-called IoT (Internet of Things), which means devices connected to the internet. HarmonyOS would first be used on “smart screen products,” like televisions, later in this year. In the upcoming 3 Years, the OS will be used in other devices, as well as car head units and wearables. Huawei reported the OS will be at first launched in China with intends to expand it internationally, Yu said. In May, the U.S. put Huawei on a blacklist or “Entity List,” which essentially limits some of the U.S. firms from selling their goods to the Chinese tech giant.

After that move, Google asserted that it has discontinued business activity with Huawei. But a few days later, the U.S. administration eased some of those limitations and permitted Google to work with Huawei for 3 Months or 90 Days. Now, that timeline is almost finished. Previously, Huawei has acknowledged openly that it had its own OS in the works. Yu stated the situation in context to whether they can use Android is yet “not clear” but those existing products that have been sold having Google’s OS would not be affected by any ban.

Recently, Huawei was also in the news as the U.S. holds off on the Chinese telecom giant’s license as China discontinued crop-buying. Reportedly, the White House is holding off on a verdict regarding licenses for U.S. firms to resume business with Huawei after Beijing said it was stopping procures of the U.S. farming goods, as reported by sources familiar with the matter.

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