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Google Search Facing Indexing Issues, Not Showing New Content

Google is facing indexing issues—the firm is facing difficulty in displaying new content on the Internet in its search results. For instance, when looked at the “Top Stories” in Google News, some of the stories displayed are from the last few hours whereas the majority of them are from yesterday. The issues were initially reported by the Search Engine Land.

Reports of indexing problems were recently confirmed by Google. Later, the firm added that “problems in the URL Inspection tool within Search Console” were noted. Google stated that it has fixed the URL issue. However, any update on the indexing issue is not offered by the firm. The Verge reported that the company is working on this issue.

The crawling, or indexing, of the web, is constantly carried out by Google so that its users get new content when they search on a topic. At present, search results on Google might not be as up-to-the-minute as expected by users as it is facing issues regarding indexing. In recent time, numerous indexing issues were faced by Google. It includes issues that lasted for a period of over three days in May and one week in April.

On a similar note, Google stated that it is offering new back-to-school deals for students. As a part of its newly announced offer, the students will get a free subscription of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium for about three months. In the trial period, students will get access to YouTube Originals, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.

After the expiry of this trial period, students will be offered with a discounted plan in which they can get access to YouTube Music Premium by paying approximately $4.99 per month—instead of $9.99 a month. Similarly, as a part of its back-to-school deal, students can access YouTube Premium at approximately $6.99 a month.

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