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Astronomers Just Found Holmberg 15A, The Biggest Black Hole

Black holes are a place of space-time showing gravitational force so solid that nothing can get away from it. Black holes in the space are one of the most complicated bodies. Lately, research by astrophysicists in Japan claimed that there might be almost 100 million black holes concealed all over the Milky Way. And now, astronauts have discovered one more black hole that is clocking in at 40 Billion times the weight of the Sun.

As per a new study that marks the first direct calculations, the black hole is at the center of a galaxy dubbed as Holmberg 15A, which is a supermassive elliptical galaxy situated almost 700 million light-years. This galaxy, in turn, resides at the Abell 85 galaxy cluster’s center. It is to be observed that the object is one of the largest black holes ever discovered, and the largest discovered by tracing the movement of the stars surrounding it.

It is worth citing here that the study has been posted in The Astrophysical Journal. “We utilize axisymmetric, orbit-based Schwarzschild models to study the Holm 15A’s stellar kinematics from new wide-field, high-resolution spectral observations received at the VLT with MUSE,” the astrophysicists claimed.

On a related note, after losing management of a radio telescope at the beginning of this year, Russia is back in the business of space observation. The nation successfully blasted off Spektr-RG, an X-ray telescope co-designed with assistance from Germany. The vessel will need 100 Days to get its ultimate location of Lagrange Point 2, where it can perform researches in stable situations a million miles from our planet. When it reaches there, it can considerably reshape human knowledge of the universe.

Spektr-RG is anticipated to perform an exceptionally thorough 6.5-year study that can discover hundreds of thousands of active stars, almost 100,000 galaxy clusters, and about 3 Million super giant black holes.

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