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Dark Matter Is Believed To Have Formed Before The Big Bang

The Universe has almost 80% of its mass covered in dark matter, which makes researchers believe it is one of the most elusive mysteries in modern physics. The mystery behind the dark matter is still being researched on. According to John Hopkins University researchers, the dark matter may have come into existence before the Big Bang. When the dark matter was formed and how can it be identified through the astronomical observations are queries the researchers are looking answers for. Right now, the researchers have found a connection between astronomy and particle physics.

The dark matter shows the presence of certain new particles that were born even before the Big Bang came into existence. These particles have been found to have an effect on the distribution of the galaxies in the sky. According to Tommi Tenkanen, the time before the Big Bang is being studied to get a clear picture of the dark matter. The dark matter plays an important role in the formation of galaxy clusters and galaxies. The gravitational effects of the dark matter are quite diverse which can very well be seen through its distribution in space and movement of its particles. Its origin is something that not many have understood. Earlier, it was believed that dark matter was a leftover product of the Big Bang and thus, the researchers planned for an in-depth study but in vain. If the dark matter was a result of the Big Bang then it would have released different signals in different particle physics experiments.

The cosmic inflation during the space expansion must have been the time that the dark matter came into existence. The continuous production of particles named scalars was responsible for the expansion. The Higgs boson is one of the scalar particles found to date. The mathematical methods are being used to study the scalar particles role in helping understand the dark matter’s age. Likewise, for attaining a better understanding of the vital facts about dark matter, the researchers have planned to launch the Euclid satellite by 2022. This satellite is going to help make more revelations about the dark matter and its existence.

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