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Apple And Eli Lilly Are Working On Smart Gadgets To Spot Dementia

It has been observed that Apple is currently working toward adding more of health features to its smartwatch and iPhone. The tech giant has recently collaborated with Eli Lilly so as to check if the data captured by the smart devices can help identify the early signs of dementia. Both the companies have decided to team up with a new company named Evidation so as to find more means to detect cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease using some of the most commonly used gadgets. Apple and Eli Lilly have a health team that is scrutinizing deep medical research along with other pharmaceutical companies.

The behavioral data captured on a daily basis by Apple Watches, iPhones, and Beddit sleep monitors can help easily spot the person with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease even though the symptoms are not visible. As per the official health data, around 6 Million of the Americans have dementia and thus, detecting it at the start has become a difficult task. Apple has not publicized anything about the new product or technology that is being worked on for the detection of dementia. However, it is planning on shifting toward other health issue diagnosis instead of the common heart problem diagnosis.

ResearchKit is the detection software that Apple has been working on. The software is being used for research on Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. Likewise, there is a new draft implementation guide and data model so as to make it easy for the patients to have digital access to the historical health insurance claims data that would, in turn, provide direct access to the device-captured data. The CARIN Blue Button API is the model built by many insurance providers, consumer organizations, digital health app developers, and others. The draft testing will be performed with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlueCross/BlueShield providers, and others.

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